What Effect Does the Size and Colour of Fonts Have on SEO Rankings?

What Effect Does the Size and Colour of Fonts Have on SEO Rankings?

In what ways, if any, can font color and size influence SEO services? And what are the greatest web design decisions you can make to boost your search engines ranking?

If you’re a digital marketer, like the vast majority of your peers, you’re probably always seeking for a method to set yourself apart from the pack. 

You can’t call yourself a best seo agency without being interested in the subtleties that may make a major difference in search engine results, from the importance of correct spelling and grammar to the effects of adjusting minor on-page elements.

Because of this, you have probably asked yourself the following while perusing a competitor’s website:

  • Is my rival utilising a more search engine friendly font?
  • Which colours work best for search engine optimisation?
  • To what extent does background colour affect search engine optimisation?
  • The question, “What font size should I be using?”
  • Can you read this font on all of your devices?

As SEO experts, we are continuously on the lookout for incremental improvements that can have a major bearing on search engine results. In order to find the optimum font colour for SEO, we have been researching the relationship between rankings, font size, font colour, and backdrop colour.

In this piece, we’ll discuss whether or not SEO is affected by font colour and font size, and what you can do to make sure your web design decisions don’t hurt your site’s search engine rankings.

Does the Colour of the Font Affect Search Engine Ranking?

Let’s get this out of the way first: does the colour of your typeface have any impact on your search engine rankings?

You won’t hurt your search engine rankings by changing the font colour. And in 2020, John Mueller responded to a Tweet and verified it:

However, the font size and style must always be legible and easy to read. If you try to “hide” content on the page, or if you have massive blocks of white text on a white backdrop, it might negatively affect your search engine results.

Minimize the number of colors you use and pick a few that will really pop against your chosen background. Use a clear, legible black font on a white or light grey backdrop to make your content stand out. If your website’s backdrop color is dark, for instance, a clear-cut white font will help your content stand out.

How can I prevent the colour of my font from having a negative effect on search engine rankings?

Links in the navigation bar should seem like they can be clicked on, so check that your top menu and any links there are active.

The primary font colour in most themes is often black or grey, while the default colour is typically orange, red, or blue. Hide your links at the peril of user frustration and potential drops in page views, which can have a negative effect on your SEO.

Don’t go crazy with font sizes and colours; pages with too many options might be confusing to users and increase the likelihood that they will leave the site. Consider websites from the early 2000s, when it was commonplace to use green text on a black backdrop.

Sites with clear headers and uniform font size are more likely to keep visitors engaged. Sites that stick to a small set of fonts, sizes, and colours tend to load more quickly than those that employ a wider variety.

Keep in mind that contrast is more important than colour when designing a layout, and pick a backdrop that will let the text colour pop. It’s not simply the colour of the typeface itself that matters when deciding which backdrop to use. Use a font colour that stands out from the page’s backdrop.

Does the Size of the Font Affect SEO?

Choosing a font size that works for your website across all devices can have a knock-on effect on your SEO, much like the colour of your fonts.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Google news over the past 18 months, the company is constantly releasing new features and fixing bugs to enhance the user experience. Google has released a number of updates this year aimed at improving visitors’ time spent on websites. These include the Helpful Content Update and the Page Experience Update.

Website usability is the most important factor to consider when determining the optimal font size. While font size isn’t directly related to search engine rankings, it is an essential part of making your site user-friendly.

There are a few things to bear in mind when deciding on a font size for your website, though.

For optimal reading across all platforms, you should optimise text sizes for both desktop and mobile use.

Maintain a distinct size difference between headers and paragraph text.

Maintain a minimal size of 16px/12pt; this is the very minimum Google requires for a site to be deemed mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that Google will be utilising your mobile version for mobile-first indexing, so make sure it’s easy to use and available on mobile devices.


Colour and size of typefaces are not used as criteria for rankings. However, the font size and colour you choose for your website can have an effect on its usability, on-site experience, and indirect effect on search engine optimisation. 

Therefore, it is important to do (extensive) usability testing across a variety of devices before settling on a primary font size and colour for your website.

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